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Top Tools for Your Trade: Sparkys

DX52 reciprocating saw cutting into wall

Whether you’re just beginning your career as an electrician or you’re a seasoned sparky looking for an upgrade, we’ve listed our top picks for the tools you need in your kit.


Power Drill

The number one tool for your kit is a powerful and reliable cordless drill. Consider investing in a drill with a brushless motor as this will best serve you in the long-term. We recommend our DX12K 2in1 Combo Kit, complete with the DX12 Hammer Drill and DX71 Speed Impact Driver. The DX12 Hammer Drill will enable you to drill into hard materials like concrete and brick so that you can do anything from drilling holes for anchors to running conduit through brick walls. And with a maximum torque of 215N.m, the DX71 Speed Impact Driver will deliver exceptional power for screwdriving on the go. Get yours here.


Rotary Hammer

When your masonry demands something a little more hardcore, it’s time to bring out the rotary hammer, capable of drilling large diameters and through reinforced concrete. You can’t go past our DX21 Rotary Hammer. It’s 5 tools in 1, with drill, hammer drill, bit rotation, chisel, and tile drilling functions. The DX21 really packs a punch with a maximum cutting capacity of 26mm in concrete, but our anti-vibration design makes it a pleasure to use. Get yours here.


Oscillating Multi Tool

The oscillating multi tool is essential to any sparky’s toolkit. With its ability to cut, sand, grind, remove grout and caulk, and perform flush cutting tasks, it’s the jack of all trades. We recommend our DX41 Oscillating Multi Tool. With its tool-free accessory change system, universal interface, slim body design, and variable speed control, you’ll be sure to experience maximum efficiency. Get yours here.


Angle Grinder

Another great addition to the toolkit is the angle grinder. Its versatility means you can do anything from cutting through conduit to smoothing out rough concrete. We recommend our DX31 Angle Grinder. It’s fitted with a 3-position handle for ease of use, and an anti-restart paddle switch for maximum safety. Get yours here.


Reciprocating Saw

Consider adding a reciprocating saw to your collection. Perfect for rough cuts and demolition, the recip saw can cut through drywall, plaster, wood and pipes. We recommend our DX52 Reciprocating Saw. With its tool-free blade change system and pendulum function you’ll get powerful but precise cuts every time. Get yours here.


Take your tools to the next level

They say a tradie is only as good as his tools. Well we say the tools are only as good as their battery! What sets our tools apart is our GXB5 Graphene Battery, which is revolutionising the power tool game with its faster charging speeds, longer life cycles, and exceptional temperature control. The GXB5 Graphene Battery takes an ultra-fast 20 minutes to charge, has four times the cycle life of a lithium battery, and 10 times lower temperature rise up so that the job gets done no matter what. Better yet, it’s backed by a 5-year warranty so it’s guaranteed to endure your toughest projects. Learn more here or get yours here.

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