Top Power Tools for Chippys


Top Tools for Your Trade: Chippys

Are you just beginning your carpentry career and wondering what power tools you’ll need? Chippys, these are the essential tools you’re going to want to add to your collection:


Circular Saw

The circular saw is a carpenter’s best friend. Its versatility means it can be used for straight cuts, notching, ripping, and dados. We recommend the DX53, designed to deliver the most precise cuts, and built with a magnesium alloy base for strength. It even has in-built hex key storage for simple blade-changing.


Power Drill

As a carpenter you’re definitely going to want a power drill to push in screws, remove screws, and drill holes. Consider investing in a cordless drill with a brushless motor as this will best serve you in the long-term. We recommend the DX12K 2in1 Combo complete with the DX12 Hammer Drill and the DX71 Speed Impact Driver. The DX12 has high torque- 65N.m- for tough application, and DX71 is designed to be light and compact for screwdriving on-the-go.

Also consider getting some durable and sturdy drill bits to get the best performance out of your drill. We recommend the Hard Surface Masonry Drill Bits.


Rotary Sander

To finish your work, you’ll need a rotary orbital sander for smoothing surfaces, polishing, and removing paint. We recommend the DX42, complete with a dust bag to keep your workspace mess-free, sanding papers and a foam pad for a shiny finish.


Jig Saw

When you need to cut a plank of wood into an abnormal shape, a jig saw will do the trick. Simply guide it along the surface to cut out your design. We recommend the DX51 which includes a 4-Stage Pendulum setting for improved cutting efficiency. It’s also fitted with a dust fan to blow away debris as you work.



For shaving off wood at precise amounts, you’ll need an electric hand planer. For the smoothest edges we recommend the DX81 which can micro cut at depths of just 0.1mm. It’s fitted with double-sided tungsten blades and a dust bag.


Rotary Hammer

When you’re working with concrete, a rotary hammer is key. You’ll need it for drilling, setting anchor bolts, and rebar doweling. We recommend the DX21. With 5 functions: drill, hammer, bit rotation, chisel, and tile drilling, this powerful tool is as handy as they come. The DX21 really packs a punch with a maximum drilling capacity of 26mm in concrete, but its anti-vibration design makes it a pleasure to use.


Reciprocating Saw

The last tool you’ll want to add to your arsenal is the reciprocating saw. Considered the jack of all trades, it often comes in handy where it’s not possible to use other tools, or when speed is the priority. The reciprocating saw can reach where other tools can’t, can make deep cuts, and is great for disassembling. Better yet, it can cut through just about anything; pipes, wires, cables, bolts- you name it. We recommend the DX52B.

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