10 Tips for Looking After Your Power Tools


10 Tips for Looking After Your Tools

The hard part is over, you’ve chosen your new power tools. If you’ve chosen CAT® then luckily, our tools are as sturdy as they come, but like any tool, they require some maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. The more you care for your tools, the longer they’ll last. Here are 10 tips for looking after your power tools.


1. Review your supplier manuals & warranty

Your power tools come with instruction and safety manuals, as well as warranty information. We know it can be a drag, but reading the manuals is a good idea as they will allow you to avoid misusing your tools. If you’ve got CAT® power tools, you can find your manuals here. Also make sure to review your warranty information and register your tools if necessary. If you’ve got CAT® power tools be sure to register them here within 30 days of purchase so that you don’t miss out on qualifying for our 5 year extended warranty.


2. Store them somewhere dry & clean

To make your power tools last longer, keep them somewhere ventilated, and avoid any heat and moisture.


3. Service your tools

Over time, your tool may accumulate some wear and tear which can lead to damage. From time to time, you should get your tool serviced to make sure everything is working as it should. You can find your local CAT® service centre here.


4. Fix & replace parts

Regularly check for signs of wear. Worn parts perform more poorly and may lead to malfunctions. Make sure to repair or replace these parts. If you need the help of a professional, you can always take your tool to your local CAT® service centre.


5. Replace your blades

Blunt blades and bits put additional pressure on the tool and reduce its precision. Make sure you replace them when they do. To avoid having to replacing as often, opt for high qualities accessories. You can buy your new CAT® accessories here.


6. Use the right accessories

Make sure you’ve got the right accessories for the job at hand. For example, if you’re using an impact driver with screws, always choose impact type screwdriver bits as they’re designed to withstand the impact, with hardened tips for longevity. In comparison, normal bits will wear the tip out faster and damage the head of the screw. With a variety of brands and prices on the market, just keep in mind: you get what you pay for. Take a look at the CAT® accessories here.


7. Let them cool

Overheating is a big cause of tool malfunction so let your tools cool down before picking them back up. If you use your tool for long periods of time and are concerned about overheating, you may want to consider investing in a graphene battery, which will stay cooler longer than the typical lithium battery. Buy one here.


8. Clean tool parts

Debris is no good for power tools as it causes corrosion. To clean your tool, blow out any dust with a can of compressed air and give it a polish with a damp cloth.


9. Look after your batteries

As mentioned earlier, keep your battery somewhere cool and dry. Also be sure to protect the pins in the battery terminals of your power tools so that your batteries and tools can connect together nicely and work as a team.


10. Keep your batteries charged

There’s nothing worse than picking up your tool and realizing you’ve got a flat, so keep your batteries fully charged and ready to go! This is best for battery health as well. If you often forget to charge your batteries, consider investing in a CAT® graphene battery for ultra-fast 20 minute charging. Buy one here.


It’s best to make caring for your tools a part of your normal routine so that you can be rest assured that they’ll last for years to come. We recommend keeping a checklist like the one below:


CAT Maintenance Checklist: review your supplier manuals and warranty, store somewhere dry and clean, service tools, fix and replace parts, replace your blades, use the right accessories, let tools cool, clean tool parts, look after batteries and protect battery terminal pins, and keep your batteries charged

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